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American Insuring Group, Ltd is proud to offer Homeowner’s Insurance from over a dozen highly rated Home Insurance companies. Your home is your castle. We’ll help you build a fortress around it with a sturdy house insurance policy. We specialize in Home insurance quotes that provide comprehensive insurance coverage for your home, its contents, and a host of property and liability insurance extensions of coverage to meet and exceed your insurance needs. 

Home Insurance Quotes for Owners and Renters

Your home is your most valuable asset, so you need maximum insurance protection at the best possible price. We take the time to explain homeowner insurance to you so you can understand how the coverage works, and your best options. Obtaining cheap home insurance is an important goal, but we will help you also understand the coverage, terms, and conditions in each house insurance policy to ensure you get the right insurance protection for your budget and needs. Our home insurance quotes will help you compare and choose the best homeowner’s insurance for your house, apartment, or mobile home.

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Homeowner’s Insurance Coverage ~ From Basic to Beefy!

Pennsylvania Homeowner’s Insurance is our specialty, but we also write homeowner’s insurance in other states! A basic home insurance policy includes the following coverage:

    • Coverage A: House Insurance
    • Coverage B: Other Structure Insurance
    • Coverage C: Contents Insurance
    • Coverage D: Loss of Use Insurance
    • Coverage E: Liability InsuranceCoverage 
    • Coverage F: Medical Payments Insurance

Almost all homeowner’s insurance policies have the above basic coverage. Limiting yourself to basic coverage is one way to obtain cheap home insurance.

Extended House Insurance Coverage for Your Protection

However, there is a host of valuable home insurance coverage extensions to consider. These extended converages add valuable protection for your home and possessions, including those shown below and others (call for more information):

House insurance extended coverage options from AIG Insurance | Serving Reading PA, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Allentown, York, Pennsylvania and beyond

            • Replacement cost on contents
            • Replacement cost on dwelling
            • Earthquake insurance
            • Sinkhole insurance
            • Flood insurance
            • Water/ sewer backup insurance
            • Extended limits on valuable articles
            • Identity theft insurance
            • Business pursuits insurance
            • Personal injury liability insurance

Affordable Homeowner’s Insurance and Discounts

American Insuring Group also offers a vast list of house and home insurance discounts, including:

Cheap home insurance with our insurance discounts - Serving Reading PA, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Allentown, Lancaster, York, and all of Pennsylvania

    • Auto and home discount (both policies with the same company)
    • New home discount
    • Senior citizen discount
    • Fire alarm discount
    • Burglar alarm discount
    • New home buyer’s discount
    • Valuable items discount
    • Longevity discount
    • Loss-free discount
    • Good payer discount

6 Things You Should Know About Homeowner's Insurance

Check out the video below for 6 helpful tips to be sure you get the right homeowner's insurance coverage:

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Your Customized Home Insurance Plan

Regardless of the type of homeowner’s insurance you are looking for, whether it’s house insurance, renter’s insurance, or mobile home insurance, the professionals at American Insuring Group can provide helpful home insurance quotes and design a customized plan to fit your insurance protection needs both safely and affordably. Call us today and start saving:

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