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Our business is your business. Each business has particular needs, and here at American Insuring Group LTD, we specialize in commercial insurance for small to medium-sized businesses. 

Every type of business, whether large or small, needs the right insurance to be covered when the unexpected strikes. Is your business fully protected? Whether you need public liability insurance, landlord insurance, general insurance, professional indemnity insurance, small business insurance, fleet and van insurance, or any other type of commercial insurance protection, we’ve got you covered! 


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Types of Commercial Liability Insurance

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Public Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance is needed by the Main Street store owner or office, as well as by contractors and landlords alike. 

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance and Public Liability Insurance are often interchangeable, and refer to your business "premises" exposure (risk), such as a trip and fall hazard.

Completed Operations Liability Insurance

Completed operations liability insurance is for the contractor who needs public liability insurance protection for a job or service they "complete" and leave behind, when later a claim is presented against them for faulty or negligent workmanship that causes injury or property damage to others. 

Landlord Insurance

For the rental property owner, public liability insurance is sometimes referred to as landlord insurance.  This type of general liability insurance covers the landlord for claims of negligence brought against him as the property owner, not only from the general public, but also from tenants. Townships and cities often require landlord insurance before an occupancy permit is granted. See our landlord insurance blog posts for more information. 

Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance programs are our specialty at American Insuring Group.  We have a number of small business insurance companies that offer a tailored restaurant insurance package policy at extremely competitive prices.  Restaurant insurance programs include: Public liability insurance, property coverage, workers compensation insurance, van insurance and professional liability insurance, including liquor liability insurance.  Spoilage insurance, business interruption insurance, and equipment breakdown insurance are covered by most restaurant insurance policies. 

Commercial Insurance for Manufacturers

Manufacturers also need general liability insurance or public liability insurance. In addition, manufacturers have specific insurance needs including product liability insurance covering the manufacturer for an alleged malfunction of a product they produced. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance

In addition to general and product liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance protection can be vital for manufacturers and other types of businesses.  Professional indemnity insurance covers business owners for alleged “acts or omissions” that may cause injury or property damage.  An example of this type of exposure is a small business contractor who designs a structure or an addition to a building, and misjudges the snow load of the roof.  If a snowstorm collapses the roof, the contractor may have a claim brought against him for failure to properly design the roof system. Professional indemnity insurance is invaluable in such situations.


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