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Commercial Vehicle Insurance Tips and FAQs

Posted by David Ross on Tue, Oct 30, 2012

When looking for commercial vehicle or van insurance in small to large towns from Reading to Philadelphia and beyond, there are a few points to consider, and some tend to get lost in a potential insurance minefield – here are a few frequently asked questions many ask when searching for the right insurance for their small business.

Is it hard to insure a vehicle for commercial use?

Commercial Vehicle Questions, Answers, and Tips. Serving Reading, PA, Berks County, Allentown, Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Hershey, State College, Erie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and beyond with reliable commercial vehicle insurance.Not really. Anyone can apply to insure a commercial vehicle, (for example, a van), but they will find they are restricted when it comes to personal or private use of that vehicle. As long as the vehicle falls under commercial use, like delivering goods or providing a service (say, if the owner is a builder just using the van to get from A to B) then it is much easier to obtain insurance than if the applicant also wanted the vehicle for private use.

Define ‘commercial vehicle’?

Not sure if your vehicle falls under the right guidelines? Here are the main types of commercial vehicle:

  • Goods-carrying vehicles: this is the most common type of commercial vehicle, used to transport products or necessary items for services. This can range from small cars and vans to larger trucks.
  • Passenger-carrying vehicles: this applies to buses, coaches, and hire cars.
  • Forestry and agricultural vehicles
  • Special construction vehicles: vehicles that serve a particular purpose are known as ‘special types’ of vehicle and apply to ambulances, fork-lift trucks, and cranes.

What about windshield coverage?

Windshield coverage usually comes down to the insurance company and the level of coverage taken out, but this type of coverage is typically available for commercial vehicles as a policy extra, under "Comprehensive" coverage.

How can I lower my van insurance premium?

There are a number of ways that some companies do this, but here are three ways for customers to reduce their premiums:

  • Usage - how the vehicle is used can lower your insurance premiums.  If you park the van at one jobsite for the day will be a lower cost than if you travel to mutiple locations during the day.
  • Safe drive Badge – a simple sticker on the back saying ‘How’s my driving?’ with a number on the back (preferably to the insurance company) will also reduce premiums. This is because anyone driving dangerously will obviously be reported by other drivers, hypothetically making the driver in question more cautious about their driving.
  • Driving Convictions – this is a simple one; don’t acquire any speeding convictions. Insurance companies tend to ramp up the premiums for people who have previous driving convictions. 


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