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What Restaurant Owners Need to Know About Umbrella Insurance

Posted by David Ross on Sat, May 21, 2022

Umbrella Insurance Tips for PA Restaurant Owners: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Erie, Harrisburg, Allentown, Lancaster, Reading, York, Lebanon and throughout PennsylvaniaThe right Restaurant Insurance helps protect your restaurant from losses, such as injuries, property damage, and lawsuits. For example, if your delivery van is involved in an accident, commercial auto insurance covers the cost of legal bills, medical expenses, and property damage up to your policy's limit. Another example is if a customer falls and injures themselves while in your restaurant, general liability insurance helps pay for medical expenses up to your policy's limit. 

One key phrase in those examples is "up to your policy's limit." 

What are Policy Limits?

A policy limit caps how much an insurance company will pay when you file a claim. The amount of that cap is determined when you purchase your policy. 

With general liability, professional liability, and errors and omissions insurance, there are two types of policy limits:

  • Per-occurrence limits determine the maximum amount a policy will pay for one particular incident.
  • Aggregate limits determine the maximum amount a policy will pay for all claims within a policy period.

 Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society, and one significant lawsuit settlement that is higher than your policy's limit could put you out of business. Typically, you do have an option to increase your limits on each policy, but that can become costly, which is where commercial umbrella insurance helps.

 What is Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Commercial Umbrella Insurance offers additional coverage on liability claims on your existing insurance policies. If a claim is higher than your policy's limit, it provides a buffer or safety net. 

For example, let's say a customer slips and falls in your restaurant, hits their head, and experiences a debilitating injury. They sue your restaurant for medical expenses, lost income, and other costs, and you agree to a $2.5 million settlement. If your general liability policy limit is $2 million, you will be responsible for paying the difference. In this example, $500,000. Would that have a negative effect on your finances? Could your restaurant survive this type of lawsuit? 

Commercial Umbrella Insurance does not provide primary liability coverage. It only goes into effect when a claim exceeds the policy's limits. 

Who Should Purchase Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

Small to medium-sized business owners often don't think they will be involved in a lawsuit. However, according to a United States Small Business Administration (SBA) study, 36 to 53% of small businesses are involved in litigation every year. Furthermore, "Owners mentioned that the payment of damages nearly put them out of business, which affected them for a long period of time as they worked to rebuild the business and recoup their losses."

 A Forbes article offering litigation prevention and mitigation tips states: "On Insurance. Get it! … If something does go wrong, your insurance may be able to limit your exposure and risk." 

To determine if you should purchase Commercial Umbrella Insurance, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a chance that I can get sued?
  • Do I have enough funds to cover a lawsuit if it exceeds my insurance limits?
  • Do I want to pay less for higher coverage amounts (instead of increasing individual policy limits)?

How to Get the Best Rate on Commercial Umbrella Insurance?

If you need more help determining if Umbrella Insurance is right for your restaurant and ensuring that you get the best rate on all of your insurance needs, give the independent agents at American Insuring Group a call today at (800) 947-1270 or (610) 775-3848, or connect with us online.

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Business Insurance and Your New Year's Resolutions

Posted by David Ross on Tue, Feb 11, 2014

Did you remember business insurance when making your new year's resolutions? Here is why you should have.Be honest!  Did you make any New Year’s resolutions this year?  If you did, you weren’t alone.  According to Statistic Brain, 45% of Americans “usually” make New Year’s resolutions, and according to Constant Contact®, 53% make business-related resolutions. 

Statistic Brain found that losing weight is the number one New Year’s resolution for 2014 – no surprise there.  And number two?  The second most popular resolution for 2014 is – drum roll please - getting organized.  Now if losing weight is on your list, there are many other organizations more suited to helping you than an insurance company (unless you want to know how weight could possibly affect your life insurance premiums).  However, a good insurance agent can help get your business organized.

Getting organized isn’t just about “A place for everything, everything in its place,” as Benjamin Franklin said.  It’s also about having everything you need so your business can run smoothly and profitably.  The right business insurance can help your business do just that - and protect it by minimizing financial risks associated with unexpected events.

Commercial Liability Insurance

First, you should consider liability insurance to protect your company’s assets in the event that someone gets hurt on your property or you (or one of your employees) cause property damage or injury.  Even if you doubt you’ll ever face a claim, we live in a litigious society; purchasing liability insurance is a wise and affordable investment.  There are a wide variety of commercial liability insurance options such as general liability insurance, product liability insurance, and error and omission insurance. 

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance is another insurance to consider.  It covers everything related to the loss or damage of company property due to events such as fire, windstorm and hail, smoke damage, vandalism, theft, and more. “Property” may include lost income, business interruption, and company papers, as well as equipment and buildings.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

If you use a vehicle – whether you own it or not – for any purpose other than driving to and from work, you should check your existing insurance policy to see if you need a commercial vehicle policy.  Standard vehicle insurance coverage includes bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury protection, and physical damage to your vehicle including comprehensive and collision coverage. 

Worker's Compensation Insurance

Worker’s Compensation Insurance is mandatory in most states (including Pennsylvania), and covers employees for work-related injuries.  A typical "workers comp" insurance policy pays lost wages and medical expenses incurred due to a work-related accident and protects the employer against accident-related lawsuits.  

Business Umbrella Insurance

Finally, umbrella liability insurance is a type of commercial insurance that covers a small business for liability claims that exceed the underlying limits of liability coverage.  Umbrella policies are a type of commercial insurance that adds an extra layer of public liability insurance protection.  

Today is the time to review your business insurance needs. We help customers with all types of commercial insurance, from Reading, PA to Philadelphia, Allentown, Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Erie, Pittsburgh and points in between. Call us today for a no-risk analysis of your business insurance needs.Now is a Great Time to Review Your Business Insurance Needs

Whether “getting organized” is on your list of 2014 New Year’s resolutions or not, now is a great time to review your insurance policies to ensure that you have the right coverage to protect your business and allow it to run smoothly.  AIG would be very happy to help you with this resolution.  Contact us at (800) 947-1270 or (610) 775-3848 to arrange a policy evaluation.  Then you can sit back and enjoy your well-ordered office space, knowing that it’s protected.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to call someone else if you want help losing weight!


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Stuff Happens - Is Your Business Insurance Backing You Up?

Posted by David Ross on Wed, Dec 18, 2013

How Much Commercial Insurance Protection Do You Need?

Free business liability insurance guide: 7 Things You Must Know to Protect Your BusinessIf you’re considering starting or have already established a business, you may be wondering, “Do I really need any special liability insurance for my business?”  Establishing and growing a business is hard work.  It’s an investment of time and money, and it’s important to protect that hard work against unforeseen circumstances.  Even though we may not want to think about it, like Forrest Gump said, “stuff” happens. Even if you work from home and think your home owner’s insurance covers you or if you’ve filed as an LLC to protect your assets, your business may not be as safe from catastrophic loss and possible bankruptcy as you think.

Business Insurance When You're Unable to Work

What if you become sick and can’t work?  What if one of your customers sues you?  What if a fire forces you to shut your business down for a period of time?  Have you thought about how you will protect your finances, your business, and your employees?  The right insurance can help protect these very important assets.  Here are four major categories of business insurance protection you, as a business owner, need to consider. 

Business Liability Insurance (A.k.a. Commercial General Business Liability)

Liability insurance helps protect your company if someone gets hurt on your property or if you or an employee causes property damage or injury.  Liability insurance also protects you as a tenant if you cause damage to a property you rent, and it covers claims of false or misleading advertising, including libel, slander, and copyright infringement.  This insurance helps cover medical and legal defense costs and settlements if you are successfully sued. 

Many small business owners can’t imagine ever being sued, but the fact is that we live in a very litigious society.  Liability insurance is a wise and affordable investment for any business.  It can be purchased individually or included as part of a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) that combines liability and property insurance into one policy.  It’s a good idea to make sure you have enough liability coverage if you have a BOP. 

Umbrella Liability Insurance

Umbrella liability insurance is designed to protect your business against catastrophic losses that exceed the limits of other policies or for losses not covered by other policies.  Think of it as an upgrade to your existing business, homeowners, and auto insurance that goes above and beyond.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance helps protect against financial loss in the event that your business is prevented from generating revenue. It helps pay for operating costs (such as rent, utilities, and payroll) and lost profits if your business is forced to shut down for an extended period of time, such as during a natural disaster that either forces your business to close or requires repairs to be made to the property before business can resume.  Business interruption insurance can be added to your property insurance policy or purchased as part of a BOP.  

Overhead Insurance

Overhead insurance is designed to protect the operations of your business if you suffer from a major accident or illness and become unable to work.  Overhead insurance helps cover business expenses such as salaries, utilities, interest payments, insurance premiums, and rental payments.

Putting Together a Business Insurance Plan

You’ve worked hard to make your business a success.  Don’t let someone or something take it all away from you.  Take the necessary steps to protect it with the right business insurance.

Free Report: 7 Things You Must Know to Protect Your Businesss 

For more information, click here for our report, 7 Things You Must Know to Protect Your Business

Free business liability insurance guide: 7 Things You Must Know to Protect Your Business

Need help in figuring out the right level of insurance to properly protect your business? Call us today at (800) 947-1270 or (610) 775-3848 or Contact Us by email. We're independent agents representing over 25 brands of insurance. We'll find the right coverage at the right price to meet your needs.

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Umbrella Insurance: Get Protection for Your Income & Assets

Posted by David Ross on Thu, Jan 10, 2013

Do you need umbrella liability insurance? Tips for individuals and business owners in Reading PA, Berks County, Allentown, Pittsburgh, Erie, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Hershey, Philadelphia, and beyond.Are You at Risk?

Even if you have good automobile and homeowner’s insurance, you may be liable for excessive damages resulting from a major lawsuit.  Consider what would happen if you were to injure a doctor, lawyer, or other highly paid professional in a car or other accident that prevented him from earning his regular income for the rest of his life. A court could easily award damages far exceeding the limits of your auto, watercraft, or homeowner’s insurance policy. Such damages could drastically alter your lifestyle for many years to come.

That’s where umbrella liability insurance comes in.  The right policy will provide the additional protection needed to withstand such an event. 

You May be at Higher Risk for a Lawsuit

Higher-income individuals who cause an accident have a far greater risk of being sued as lawyers seek out those with deep pockets. In such cases an umbrella policy may provide the protection that could be the difference between maintaining your lifestyle vs. paying punitive damages out of pocket for the rest of your life.

An Umbrella Liability Policy May be More Affordable Than You Think

Umbrella liability insurance tends to be more affordable than other types of insurance because it comes into play only after your other insurance has been exhausted.  For example, a $1,000,000 umbrella policy would cover up to an additional $600,000 of protection on a homeowner’s policy with $400,000 of coverage. The same principle applies to automobile and watercraft insurance. Increased savings may be found by purchasing your umbrella policy from the same insurance provider as for your home, car, commercial property, or watercraft.

Commercial Property and Umbrella Insurance

Are you a business owner or landlord? If so, you are at greater risk of incurring a lawsuit. Landlord insurance in the form of an umbrella liability policy can provide additional protection against lawsuits from tenants, as well as from being sued for slander or libel by disgruntled employees.

Do You Have an Adequate Umbrella Policy?

If you would like help in obtaining the right level of insurance protection then please click to contact us, or call us at 800-947-1270.

Affordable umbrella liability insurance for Reading PA, Berks County, Philadelphia, Allentown, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Pittsburgh, Erie, Pennsylvania and beyond.

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