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Retirement Planning a Key Reason for Life Insurance

Posted by David Ross on Tue, Dec 11, 2012

Life Insurance - It's "Booming"!

Life Insurance for Retirement b 250With the large baby boom generation entering retirement age, retirement planning is getting more and more attention. Interestingly, while marriage is still the leading cause for people to buy life insurance, retirement is also a major motivation. In fact, research from Northwestern Mutual Life, as conducted by Harris Interactive, shows that 25 percent of people buy life insurance products when they enter retirement -- almost as much as the 32 percent of people that buy it after getting married. 

Income and Retirement

On first glance, this may seem a bit counter intuitive. After all, many people buy insurance when they are younger to protect their spouses and family against a loss of income and Northwestern Mutual's research bears this out. As people age, protecting their incomes from work becomes less important as their living expenses drop and income from their retirement portfolio begins to replace wages. 

Retirement today is more complicated than in the past. Today, many retired people still work, although they may work reduced hours or switch careers. This can create a need to secure income. In fact, many of the retired people that purchase life insurance cite a desire for income security as a major motivating factor. 

Making Money on Life Insurance... Without Having to Die

Purchasing a life policy can do much more than protect income. It can also augment existing income. Products that include an annuity feature provide yearly cash payments that provide retired couples with more money and a more fulfilling lifestyle. Whole life and universal life insurance products can be smart savings vehicles, building value and earning very secure returns while also providing a death benefit like other types of life coverage.

Insuring the Life of a Business

Life insurance coverage is especially valuable as an estate tax planning tool for retired people with businesses or large tangible assets but that also have comparatively small pools of cash, securities or other types of liquid assets. When people in this situation die, their heirs inherit their assets but will have to pay an onerous estate tax on the value of assets transferred to them that exceed any exclusion. Without cash, they would have to sell the asset or business to pay the estate tax liability. To mitigate against this eventuality, some retired asset holder purchase additional life insurance. Upon their passing, the insurance pays a tax-free death benefit which their heirs can use to pay the estate tax, leaving them the ability to retain the assets.

With all of these benefits, it is not surprising that 25 percent of retired couples are purchasing and benefiting from life insurance. As more people discover its benefits, it stands to become even more popular.

Do you need better life insurance coverage?

We can help. Contact us at 800-947-1270 to review your options.

Save on high quality life insurance for your self, family, or business. Serving Reading, PA, Berks County and beyond.

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Auto Insurance – Are You Risking Your Financial Future?

Posted by David Ross on Sun, Apr 15, 2012

Auto Liability Insurance limits are dangerously low under most Insurance policies

Affordable Car Insurance Near Reading PA and Auto Liability Insurance Protection - Serving Reading, Lancaster, Allentown, Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, York, Erie, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, NJ, MD and beyondWhen was the last time you had your auto insurance policy reviewed by an Independent Agent? You may ask "Why do I need an Independent Agent to review my truck, van, or car insurance policy"? Two reasons: professionalism (quality) and choice (savings).  Most auto insurance companies can only show you one insurance company's quote – theirs! 

When you call our insurance offices located near Reading, PA, we review your individual needs and tailor a plan to provide the auto insurance protection you need at the best price. You will receive competitive quotes from at least three high-quality, price-competitive car insurance companies from our extensive list of competing insurers. This competition typically results in a lower price and higher level of protection than you can achieve from a single motorcycle, RV, truck, van, or car insurance company.

Car Insurance Coverage – How Much is Enough?

Almost daily we counsel people who come to us with auto insurance limits that are so low that they are literally risking their life savings and their financial future. The first question to consider is the total value of your assets, and whether you want to be fully or partially protected against loss.  If you are at-fault in an auto accident and sued, what award could you reasonably be facing?  Many people carry $100,000 of auto liability insurance protection per person for bodily injury.  Consider this: if you become responsible for permanent injuries to another, then a $100,000 limit for bodily injuries may be woefully inadequate, and could result in severe financial hardship for you and your family for years to come. Increasing your car insurance coverage to the proper level can make all the difference should a major accident occur.

Car insurance for Reading PA, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Allentown, Bethlehem, Philadelphia, Erie, Pittsburgh, State College, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and beyond.For example, many people earn $100,000 or more annually, and if you are responsible for another's inability to work for the next 10 years, they may receive a $1,000,000 award for which you would be responsible.  With only $100,000 of auto liability insurance coverage, the injured party’s attorney will be going after your personal assets to cover the $900,000 balance. One accident could permanently change your financial future.

Beyond Bodily Injury Liability Protection

Bodily Injury Liability Insurance is the most important form of car insurance protection you need to review, but it certainly isn't the only one.  Property Damage Liability to cover an accident with an expensive car, van, bus or truck is almost as important.  Uninsured Motorist protection, Medical Expense, Loss Wage coverage, Comprehensive and Collision are all important auto insurance protections that you need to have reviewed and that you should understand.

Call American Insuring Group LTD for a free auto insurance review to ensure you have the right level of protection to guard against a life-changing financial loss. Our professional car insurance agents are available at (800) 943-2198.

For an instant online insurance quote for your car, van, truck, motorcycle, or RV, please click below. Located near Reading, PA in Berks County, we also serve Philadelphia, Lancaster, York, Harrisburg, Allentown, and points beyond. Call or click today.

Get an instant online PA insurance quote for your car, truck, motorcycle, van, or RV. Serving Berks County, Reading, Lancaster, Philadelphia, Pottstown, Allentown, Easton, Bethlehem, State College, Lebanon, York, Pennsylvania and beyond.

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How to Pick the Right Life Insurance from the Bowl of Cherries

Posted by David Ross on Wed, Mar 14, 2012

Life Insurance quotes are a lot like a bowl of Cherries, just make sure you pick the ones that are ripe and delicious!

Whole Life Insurance - Yesterday's Most Popular Choice

Selecting Life Insurance Can be Like a Bowl of Cherries | Life Insurance | Reading, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Allentown, Bethlehem, PennsylvaniaBack in the good old days, getting life insurance quotes from the local life insurance agent was a pretty simple and routine task.  Typically Mom and Dad purchased a life insurance policy on all the kids at birth from the agent who came to the house every month to pick up the premiums due for Whole Life Insurance policies that were written on Mom and Dad when they got married. A Whole Life Insurance policy built a cash value by paying dividends and interest. These types of life insurance policies usually had a small death benefit and were very expensive. This is what a typical family purchased as recently as a decade or two ago.

Term Life Insurance is Popular Today, But is it Right for You?

Today almost all life insurance quotes are for Term Life Insurance.  Term Life Insurance covers the risk from premature death and usually the cost for the policy is set for a "Term" or period of time.  Common Term Life Insurance periods are 10 or 20 years.  The advantage of this type of Life Insurance policy is that it provides the maximum amount of death benefit at the lowest price. The disadvantage of Term Life Insurance is that there is no cash build-up to offset the increasing internal costs so at the end of the "term", the premium or cost increases dramaticallly. The concept behind term life insurance is the insurance company underwrites you for the "Term" and then has an oportunity to re-evaluate your health before they offer you another policy.

Another type of life insurance policy is a hybrid of Whole Life Insurance and Term Life Insurance known as "Universal or Interest Sensitive Life Insurance".  These type of policies combine the advantages of lower-priced Term Insurance with a cash value build-up to help offset the rising cost of the death benefit.

Sorting Out the Pits from the Cherries

Get the best price on insurance - we quote over 25 car insurance, life insurance, health insurance, homeowners insurance, and commercial insurance companies.So why not just buy "Cheap Life Insurance" from those companies that constantly bombard you with ads for low cost life insurance?  Why not call 1-800-Low-Cost-Life-Insurance and have them write the coverage you think you need?  The reason is your family is too important for that!  You need an Independent broker who represents many competing life insurance companies who offer many different types of life insurance policies for many different situations. More choices help ensure you get the best deal, and one that best meets your unique needs.

One big life insurance question that usually will not be discussed over the phone is "what are the different types of life insurance policies and which one is right for me"?  Only after a thorough discussion of your personal finances and only after a proper discussion of your needs and desires can an experience, professional, licensed agent make a proper recommendation of your life insurance needs. 

Cleaning up the Bowl by Planning for the Future

Trusted Choice Independent Insurance Agent Serving Reading PA, Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Philadelphia, Allentown, Bethlehem, Erie, Pittsburgh, State College, Pennsylvania and beyondToo many consumers buy a life insurance policy that they "think is right for them" but is often not thought through.  One big question your agent should ask you when getting life insurance quotes is "what needs will you have after the Term Life Insurance expires"?  The last place you want to be is facing a mortgage or need for an income to a spouse and finding your term life insurance is going to be canceling the policy due to the term expiring or finding out that the price for a new term policy will be skyrocketing at the end of the term.  I cannot stress enough the importance of having an experienced agent review your individual needs and help you develop the best life insurance plan for you and your family. 

Please contact American Insuring Group LTD today for a free, no-obligation personal review of your life insurance needs. One of our agents will design a life insurance plan just for you and your peace of mind. Call today at 800-947-1270 or email me at

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Understanding Small Business Insurance

Posted by David Ross on Sat, Feb 11, 2012

Understanding Commercial Insurance Can be One Tough Job!  

Being a small business owner today is a tough job!  Between rules and regulations, licenses and taxes, and banking and commercial insurance, it sometimes seems you need your own board of directors just to help manage your business!

At American InsurinUnderstanding your business insurance needs for commercial insurance, workers compensation, umbrella insurance | Reading PA, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Allentown, Bethlehem, and Erie, Pennsylvaniag Group, Small Business Insurance is our specialty.  We can help you, the business owner, understand not only what commerical insurance protection your company needs, but also what business insurance is required of you to satisfy legal requirements.

Our office represents over a dozen "A" rated general insurance companies that specialize in small business insurance and we have access to dozens more specialty commercial insurance companies that fill specific small business insurance needs for our clients.

So How Many Types of Liability Insurance Are There?

The commercial insurance needs for a business owner can be daunting.  First, there is Public Liability Insurance that is a must to protect the business from lawsuits and claims for injuries or property damage to others.  But Public Liability Insurance isn't that simple.  What type of liability insurance protection do I need?  Is Premises Liability Insurance enough?  What if I leave my business location and go to someone else's home or business location?  Does my Liability Insurance cover me there as well?  What about when I finish a job and leave?  Do I have Completed Operations coverage if sometime later, after the job is finished, someone is hurt by my work or property damage is caused?

Are you a business owner who makes something, sells something, or just handles products someone else makes?  Do you have Product Liability Insurance coverage included in your General Liability Insurance coverage?  What if you harm someone's reputation or cause someone to lose sales, and they look to you for compensation? Personal or Advertising Injury Liability coverage protects the business owner from these claims.

What if an employee claims that you fired them under false pretense?  Or they make an allegation of harassment against you?  Employment Practices Liability Insurance is the protection that any business owner who employs someone must have to be protected.

There are many extentions of Public Liability Insurance the business owner should understand and use to be protected from the unexpected.  At American Insuring Group LTD., our licensed agents have the understanding and experience in Commercial Insurance to help you determine your insurance risks and to identify the insurance solutions to properly cover your businss. 

Workers Compensation Insurance - Are You Operating Legally?

Then, there is Workers Compensation Insurance for the small business that employs people. Most states require the business owner to cover employees for work related injuries.  What if you are a corporation without any employees?  States consider Workers Compensation Commercial Liability Insurance | Reading, PA, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Lancaster, York, Lebanon, Harrisburg, Erie, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Bethlehem, Pennsylvaniaa corporation to be its own entity, and even you, the owner (officer), are considered an employee. Therefore you must either have Workers Compensation Insurance coverage or have the proper exclusion paperwork filed with the Department of Labor and Industry. At American Insuring Group, our licensed staff can help you with all the forms necesasary to be legal. 

Not only does Worker Compensation Insurance cover medical bills and lost wages for employees who get hurt during working hours, but there is a second business insurance coverage that is included with most policies.  Employer's Liability Insurance covers the business owner if an employee presents a claim against his employer for alleged negligence for his injuries.  An example of this is an employee who cuts off his finger on a machine.  Workers  Compensation Insurance would pay medical bills and lost wages, but if he claims the business did not properly maintain the equipment and now he must live life without a finger, the business owner would have protection from such a lawsuit under Employer's Liability Insurance.

Liability Insurance and Worker's Compensation Insurance covers only some of the insurance needs for the business owner. Other types of coverage include: Property Insurance protection, Van Insurance for your business vehicles, Umbrella Insurance for excess insurance protection, Bonding for the contractor's needs and Group Medical Benefits for your employees.

We Can Help You Make the Right Liability Insurance Decisions for Your Business

At American Insuring Group LTD, we take the time to understand your business so we can make sure every exposure to risk is discussed and covered by our small business insurance policies.  Call us today at 800-947-1270 or email me at I would love to meet or talk to you and help you understand your business insurance needs.  If you already are covered by insurance, a second opinion may often uncover coverage gaps or missing insurance coverage that is needed. 

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