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5 Drivers of Business Insurance Costs in Berks County and Beyond

Posted by David Ross on Thu, Feb 14, 2013

Use Knowledge to Offset Higher Business Insurance Costs

5 Drivers of Business Insurance Costs Berks County Reading PA 250Having the proper business insurance can be vital to growing your company and protecting your future. While every business varies in terms of exposure to risk and the related cost of coverage, knowing the 5 key cost drivers can help you reduce your insurance costs, whether you are in a mid-sized city like Reading or Allentown, a smaller city like York or Lancaster, or a large city like Philadelphia, especially if you consider costs before launching your business.

In the end, the cost of business insurance is driven by risk levels as perceived by your insurance carrier, and increases due to higher levels of risk. Regardless of the precise details associated with your business, your costs will be affected by some factors that statistically are related to your company type, company location, and other factors. 

Here are 5 Key Drivers of Business Insurance Costs:

#1 - Coverage Level Desired

It goes almost without saying that the cost of your business insurance coverage depends largely on the amount of coverage you desire. It is wise to get the advice of a trusted independent insurance agent before finalizing your coverage level. In some cases you may be able to reduce coverage in a policy if the coverage overlaps with protection already provided in another policy.

#2 - Business Location

Insurance costs may vary widely by state and by city. Businesses located in high-risk areas will pay higher rates. Risk assessments are affected not only by crime rates, but by the likelihood of incurring damage due to storms and other natural disasters. Check with your insurance agent regarding insurance costs prior to relocating your business or purchasing a new property.

#3 - Market

A business in an industry known for high losses will incur higher insurance costs, all else being equal. Industries known for physical risk and high worker's compensation losses will incur higher commercial insurance costs. Expect considerable swings in insurance rates based on the percentage of your employees working in an office setting vs. a construction or other setting known for physical risk.

#4 - Business Insurance Claims History

As with auto insurance and homeowners insurance, businesses also incur higher rates as the frequency of their claims increases. Consider potential cost increases that may result from filing a claim vs. covering the cost out of pocket without filing a claim, especially when you are considering changing insurance carriers. 

#5 - Optional Coverage Selected 

Although adding optional coverage increases your total insurance bill, optional coverage may be to your benefit. Consider business interruption insurance and key person insurance for executives and others who cannot be easily replaced, and whose absence is likely to cause a slowdown in business.

Do it Right - Get Help

Knowing the key drivers of business insurance costs and planning accordingly can help you navigate your insurance coverage options, and help you achieve the right level of coverage at the right price. Ask your independent insurance agent for assistance in understanding your options and the impact on cost.

We're Ready to Assist You with All Your Business Insurance Needs

American Insuring Group is an independent insurance agency located near Reading, PA, in Berks County. We can help you get the right business insurance coverage for your business at the best price by researching the most affordable insurance costs from our many competing insurance carriers.  Contact us today at 800-947-1270 and request a no-obligation, no-cost consultation, or fill out the form on our Contact Us page to get started.

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