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Restaurant Insurance & Hurricane Sandy: Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Posted by David Ross on Fri, Aug 09, 2013

Among the Most Destructive Storms In US History

Restaurant insurance protection lessons from Hurricane Sandy: we provide smart restaurant insurance protection for businesses in Reading, PA, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Harrisburg, York, Allentown, Bethlehem, Pittsburgh, Erie, and beyond.Hurricane Sandy was one of the most destructive and deadliest hurricanes in United States history. Twenty-four American states and seven other countries were affected. Coastal towns once pulsing with beachcombers by day and clubbers by night were submerged within hours. Businesses were out of operation for much longer than ever anticipated and the damages sustained were astronomical.

Catastrophes of this magnitude are rarely expected, even in the world of insurance. Sewers backed up. Equipment broke. Food spoiled. Power was lost. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy we discovered insurance protection that proved critical for restaurant owners, including: sewer backup, equipment breakdown, food contamination, and loss of sales/ loss of income due to extended power outages.

Insuring Against Sewer Backup

We all know the quote from Jumanji: “A little rain never hurt anybody…but a lot can kill.” Well, a lot of rain can kill your sewer system. When more rain pours down than your sewer and pump can handle, raw sewage backs up and escapes in some less-desirable places, such as the bathroom faucet - need we say more? Unfortunately, most people do not realize that sewer backup is generally not covered under their personal or business insurance policies. This additional coverage is not only recommended, but can be invaluable to your business.

Equipment Breakdown

Equipment breakdown coverage is usually considered “optional” on an insurance policy. If just one of the primary machines in your restaurant breaks down, such as the air conditioner or water heater, you are probably not covered for fixing the equipment or for the loss of income sustained due to the failure. Be sure you are covered if 100 degree temperatures inside your restaurant due to an air conditioner failure turn away potential customers. 

Food Contamination

No matter how diligent you and your employees are, food contamination and food spoilage can strike anyone in the restaurant industry. If a machine breaks or your power goes out temporarily and food spoils, you will be held personally liable for the expenses incurred unless you are insured for this type of event.

Insuring Against Loss of Sales/ Loss of Income from a Power Outage

Hurricane Sandy not only flooded businesses, but also caused large-scale power outages. Is your restaurant covered for business income losses due to loss of power? There is a good chance the answer is no. Unless you have a best friend who sells generators and you specialize in candle-light dinners, power loss is never good. When power loss equates with income loss, you want to be sure you are covered.

Learn from Hurricane Sandy:
Get the Right Restaurant Insurance Protection

We all hope and pray that a disaster of this magnitude never again strikes our land and our loved ones. Yet, as we in the insurance industry know all too well, you can never be too prepared. As restaurant owners, it should be easy to grasp the importance of insuring against these four risks that Hurricane Sandy uncovered.

Peace of Mind and Protection from Uncertainty

By being properly insured, you will be protected if the big rainfall that surpasses the five-inch prediction causes your sewer to back up. If storm winds topple the power lines down the street and you aren’t prepared to play Pioneer Days with your customers, you will be covered. If your employee mistakenly undercooks the chicken for your famous chicken piccata dish, you will be covered. If your air conditioner works overtime and decides to take a siesta for a day, you will be covered.

Play it smart: contact us today to be certain that your restaurant business is fully insured! 

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