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8 Easy Ways to Lower Your Life Insurance Premiums

Posted by David Ross on Sat, Mar 15, 2014

Tips for making life insurance more affordable. By American Insuring Group, serving Philadelphia, PA, Reading, Allentown, Bethlehem, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Erie, Lancaster, Lebanon, Hershey, York, Pennsylvania and beyond.Have you ever wondered what factors determine your life insurance rates?  Is it just your age…the state of your current health? Is there anything you can do to make your life insurance more affordable?

Insurance companies look at several factors to determine the likelihood that A) you’ll live a very long life, or B) you’ll die very soon. As depressing as that may sound, it’s a fact, and it’s what determines your life insurance premium. 

What Do Life Insurance Companies Consider When Setting Your Premium?

While every insurance company has its own underwriting criteria to determine your premium, you may be surprised by some of the factors they look at.  What isn’t surprising is that many of the factors that determine your life insurance premiums can also affect the quality and/or length of your life. Some you can change and some you can’t.  

Here are eight factors many insurance companies use to determine your life insurance premiums, and some tips on how to get a better rating and save on your life insurance policy.

1. Driving violations

If you’ve had two moving violations in the past year or a DUI in the past 5 years, you may be considered a reckless driver, which could put your life in danger and pose more risk for the insurance company.  There isn’t much you can do about existing violations, but you can SLOW DOWN and not drink and drive.

2. Your workplace colleagues

If you have group life insurance from your workplace, the premiums are based on the average age and health of everyone, not just you.  So if you work with a group of individuals who are older and less healthy than you, it may raise your premium.  On the other hand, if you work with a group of individuals who are younger and healthier than you, it may lower your premium.  Make sure you compare the price of an individual health insurance policy before jumping into a group plan. 

3. Credit history

Individuals who have filed for bankruptcy are considered a high-risk proposition and many insurance companies won’t even issue a policy until their credit report has been cleared. Make sure you consider all the alternatives and consequences before filing for bankruptcy. 

4. Lifestyle

Are you a daredevil?  Do you prefer skydiving to reading…car racing to gardening? Certain hobbies can disqualify you from getting the best rate on life insurance.  Even travel outside of the country can increase your premiums.  So, consider the increased cost of life insurance when weighing the pros and cons of your career choices.

5. Occupation

Higher-risk occupations, such as airline pilots and high-rise construction engineers, can create a higher risk for premature death, thereby causing higher life insurance premiums.  Solution – choose your occupation wisely.

6. Smoking Habits

We all know smoking can raise your risk of stroke, lung disease and many other life-threatening medical conditions; therefore insurers often charge smokers a higher premium.   One more reason to kick the habit. 

7. Your weight

There are a number of diseases related to being overweight that can shorten your lifespan.  Most insurers look at height, weight, and body mass index (BMI) to determine your premium.   Plus, many insurers want to see you keep that weight off for at least one year before they will offer you a better rate.   So if you were looking for that final push to get you started on an exercise and diet plan, think about all the money you can save on your life insurance premiums.

8. Family health history

Your family’s medical history shows what diseases you may be prone to. You can choose your friends, but not your family; however, you can choose to protect your family with the right level of life insurance, and you can ask your doctor for advide on how you may be able to reduce your health risks through proper diet, exercise, and other factors in light of your family medical history.

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