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Decrease Workers Compensation Costs the Easy Way

Posted by David Ross on Tue, Mar 24, 2015

Tips for improving communication so as to save on workers compensation costs. Serving Philadelphia, Lancaster, Reading, Allentown, Harrisburg, York, Lebanon, Pittsburgh, Erie, State College, PA and beyond.The inability to get the right care, from the right provider, at the right time is one of the leading causes of increasing medical costs. 

Every business should complete its due diligence by taking the time to set up a network of medical providers and develop strong relationships with pharmacies to deliver quality care at reasonable prices to its employees. 

But if their employees aren’t taking advantage of those relationships, much of the opportunity for cost savings is lost. 

Better Communication = Lower Workers Comp Costs

This is especially true of employees who are injured on the job and utilizing workers’ compensation.  Too often, medical information is not being communicated properly, which can result in delays of medical treatment, increased absenteeism, duplication of medical services, and other inefficiencies, causing higher workers’ compensation costs for employers.  As medical costs - and nearly every other expense - continue to rise, it’s more important than ever to direct employees to preferred provider networks that provide the highest-quality and most cost-effective care.

Using Web-Based Communication Platforms to Reduce Workers Compensation Costs

One solution is to use a web-based communication platform such as the the Health Ticket. Such systems can include a virtual ID card that transmits all the relevant information – such as employer and employee names, date of injury, nature of injury, and the name of ancillary network vendors and contact information - to medical providers. Helpful information can be provided to the injured employee, such as participating pharmacies, phone numbers for additional medical providers, and network identification numbers.

The patient is able to access all the medical information he needs to find a provider via smart phone.  He can also print out a single page that details his health benefits, co-payments and deductibles.  He is also alerted if he is seeking care from a provider outside his plan’s provider network and how that will affect him financially.

Systems like The Health Ticket can communicate critical information while reducing costs. By providing real-time, accurate information about complex healthcare transactions, the Health Ticket helps guide injured workers through the preferred pathway of care.

What Can Web Based Communication Platforms Do For Your Business?

  • Increase PPO network penetration

  • Reduce claim costs by avoiding unnecessary or duplicate medical treatments.

  • Maintain compliance with ever-changing regulatory environments and PPO contracts. 

  • Contain costs by reducing billing errors, administrative costs, and out-of-network usage. 

  • Improve the quality of care coordination and employee satisfaction.

  • Reduce confusion over benefits and claims.

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