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What is Landlord Insurance and Do You Need It?

Posted by David Ross on Fri, Jan 04, 2013

Landlord insurance tips for Berks County, Reading PA, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Lebanon, York, Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Erie, Allentown, Bethlehem, State College, PA and beyond. Landlord Insurance Basics

Landlord insurance is designed to protect the landlord from incurring losses on his or her rental properties. This ranges from property damage to court/legal costs and more, including loss of rental income from a property that becomes inhabitable due to storm damage or other causes.

Do You Need Landlord Insurance?

Does life throw unexpected circumstances our way? If you are a landlord, then of course you need landlord insurance. The question is not whether you need it, but what types of coverage and how much of each type you need.  For example, with lawsuits rampant in today’s society, it is wise to consider coverage for discrimination and slander, even if you are certain that you would never commit either. To sleep better at night you may even want to consider comprehensive coverage, which protects you against circumstances not specifically identified in your policy.

Your Property is a Major Investment. Treat it as Such.

Would you go without homeowners insurance or car insurance? Then why consider going without landlord insurance? Your rental property value may easily eclipse your home value, and a loss of your rental property due to fire, storm damage, or other factors can lead to a long-lasting financial upheaval and loss of cash flow that can be easily avoided with the proper insurance coverage.

Not All Landlord Insurance is Created Equal

It is important for landlords to understand exactly what is and what is not covered under their policy. Policies may vary widely, so be sure to work with your insurance agent to understand all the important aspects of your current coverage and to uncover your potential vulnerabilities. For example, your policy may cover only certain types of damage, such as exterior vs. interior damage.  Likewise, legal costs may be excluded from your policy. Be sure to ask your independent insurance agent what types of additional coverage are available from your current carrier and from competing insurance carriers, and then consider switching carriers or upgrading your policy if needed.  Your independent insurance agent represents multiple insurance companies, so changing to another carrier is easy with the right agent.

Need Help Understanding Your Landlord Insurance Options?

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