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8 Tips for New Workers Comp Managers

Posted by David Ross on Sat, Jan 07, 2023

Tips for WC Managers to Save on Workers Compensation Insurance in Philadelphia, Lancaster, Erie, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Allentown, Reading and throughout PAWithin small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the role of Workers' Compensation manager is often given to someone who has other roles within the business and little to no experience with WC. Unfortunately, Workers' Compensation can be complicated, and mistakes can be costly. So, if you find yourself in the role of WC manager, here are eight tips to help.

  1. Know What Your State Requires -Your state will determine whether or not you are required to carry Workers' Compensation Insurance, the WC regulations you need to follow, and how you can purchase the insurance. Click here for a state-by-state comparison and links to the entities responsible for Workers' Compensation. And remember, even if you are not required to purchase WC insurance, it may be worth having.

  2. Understand WC Basics – You need to know what WC does and doesn't cover, what WC classification codes and experience modifiers are, etc. Check out these 10 PA WC FAQs.

  3. Know How Workers' Comp Premiums are Calculated - Your Workers' Compensation premium is based on the following formula: WC Premium = Classification Code Rate X Experience Modifier X payroll/$100. Understanding this calculation helps you 1) ensure no errors are made and 2) see where you can save money on WC costs.

  4. Understand the Effect of Safety on WC Costs – According to The Pennsylvania Compensation Rating Bureau (PCRB), your experience rating is based on past claims and helps determine your experience modifier, which is an adjustment of your annual premiums based on the likelihood that you will file a claim. The safer your workplace, the fewer claims you will file, which lowers your experience modifier and what you pay for WC insurance.

  5. Realize That Timing is Crucial – Injuries should be treated immediately and reported promptly. Failure to report an injury promptly can jeopardize investigations, increase potential litigation, violate state law, and increase the cost of the claim. You must also manage WC claims (see below) to ensure quicker resolution.

  6. Consider a Return-To-Work Plan – The sooner you can get an employee safely back to work, the better. Studies show that returning to work after an injury is essential for recovery and can help reduce your WC costs. One way to get an injured employee back to work sooner is with a return-to-work program (RTW). An RTW is designed to get injured employees back to work as quickly as possible (based on their doctor's recommendation). That could mean the injured employee returns to modified duties or a temporary position to accommodate any limitations caused by the injury.

  7. Manage WC Claims – An employer's role does not end with filing a WC claim. Managing a WC claim is key to a quicker resolution, which includes ongoing communication with the injured employee, their medical team, and your insurance company during the claims.

  8. Learn How to Read a Loss Run Report - Loss Run Reports list the date of each loss and claim, a brief description of each claim, the amount paid to the insured, and whether or not the claim is closed. Insurance companies use this information to determine how risky your business is to insure, which can affect your premium. Therefore, you should check that the information is accurate, and you can use the information to lower insurance costs and improve other areas of your business.

  9. Protect Your Business from WC Insurance Fraud – Most injured employees are honest; however, some employees commit Workers' Compensation fraud, costing companies billions of dollars every year in rising insurance premiums, production delays, and training costs. Protect your business from WC insurance fraud by recognizing the warning signs of fraudulent claims.

  10. Review Annually - Your insurer will conduct an annual audit, and so should you. It's an opportunity to check for errors and provide any updates.

Bonus Tip: SAVE by Working With the Right Insurance Company

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